What are advertising videos?

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The promotional video is a traditional advertising method and a way to launch a product or a service without being necessary to resort to explanations or demonstrations about the way how the product or the service works. The message of the advertising should be as short and direct as possible and should have a wide reach in terms of audience coverage. This type of videos is an extremely effective way to create awareness about a product or service provided by your company.


These videos are extremely straightforward, so there’s almost total control and the choice of the message is entirely intended for the product/service. Communication is direct to the target audience and aims to create awareness for the product and underlines its ability to solve the consumers’ problems. If the value proposition of a product is differentiating, this aspect should be emphasized in order to achieve a quick propagation of the message.


Another important aspect of this type of videos is that, directly or indirectly, it also transmits the vision and the message of the brand as a whole. The choice of the tone and of the video images, the quality of editing and construction, and even the image of the product are a way to position the brand. The content of the video is also a vehicle for the company image. In this sense, it is fundamental to have consistency between the various communication components of the brand over the time. Watching the video once or twice will not have much impact, but it has been proven that a moderate level of repetition is quite effective and a good impression will consolidate a good brand image and lessen the impact of any brand aggression.


An effective advertising video is the one that is able to differentiate a product from its competition. This does not imply that it should be an attack on other products, however, demonstrating its effects compared to other brands may improve the way the brand is perceived.


Although advertising videos may at first glance seem to be product-only and seem to not take into account the target audience, this is a misconception and stems from the traditional idea of the "TV ad" that served to transmit the message to the masses and to describe generically the products’ features. Nowadays, this type of "complaint" is outdated and the way an advertisement is created should be strategically delineated, as well as the choice of the communication channels to be used, in order to communicate only what is valued by our target audience and not by the masses.


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