Do you know what’s the ideal video for your business?

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First of all, we need to tell you that you are already on the right track: joining Video and Business is halfway to achieve conversions and success for your company. The other half is to get a good video. But what is a good video? What determines its effectiveness and its impact on the business of your company? What will turn leads into prospects and consequently into customers?


The key to a good video is to select the right kind for the stage of purchase that our target is in. For this, it is important to understand the 5 phases that exist in the buying process of any client: consciousness, consideration, preference, decision, and retention.


Phase 1 - Consciousness: consists in identifying a need, recognizing the difference between the current state and an ideal state.

Phase 2 - Consideration: it is characterized by the search for solutions to reduce the discrepancy between the current state and an ideal state.

Phase 3 - Preference: the customer collects all the information, enters into the phase of alternatives’ evaluation, that is, of the brands or companies that present solutions for that need.

Phase 4 - Decision: the option is then identified as the ideal to move from the current state to the ideal. This phase is crucial because the shopping experience can destroy all the work done so far.

Phase 5 - Retention: This is the phase that can destroy all the previous work or catapult your company into new opportunities. Expectations that were created can, in this phase, be exceeded (ideally), met (expected), or defrauded (alarm).


Most companies only act in the consideration phase. In this sense, the brand or the company misses the chance to become a reliable partner that values the well-being of the customer, to be just a "sales accumulator".

With Pikwhip you will be able to identify the best option for your company and to create the video that best meets the needs of your customers. Here are some possibilities for your company to get where you want:


Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos, explanatory videos, or educational content, are videos that have experienced a strong growth thanks to their ability to engage viewers. They are focused on the customer's needs and not on the product or the service they provide. In fact, an explanatory video changes the perspective. Instead of positioning on the side of the company, you are given the customer perspective, meaning the video is solving the customer problems. The company/brand starts operating at a stage when consumers are looking for information, positioning the brand as a benchmark in the industry.

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Video Advertising

Traditional advertising content is a way to launch a product or service without having to resort to explanations or demonstrations about its operation. The message and result should be as short and direct as possible and should have a wide reach in terms of audience coverage. This type of videos is an excellent way to intervene in the 3rd phase of the buying process because they are extremely direct and allow the customer to distinguish your brand from the competition.

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Branded Content

This type of videos can be characterized by a mixture of advertising and editorial content. These are more elaborate productions whose focus is not the clear appeal to invest in your business or your products. Your company is not its naming or its logo, it's what it stands for, its history, the lifestyle it stands for, so when creating quality videos they need to be relevant and congruent with your brand’s message, it will make your consumers get involved without having to bore them with a constant mention of the brand. Branded Content videos have the ability to be extremely appealing and engaging. These videos act effectively in the consumer's mind, regardless of the stage of the buying process they are in.

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Other video types:

  • Video Flyers
  • Company Story Videos or Institutional Videos
  • Investor pitch videos
  • Social media videos snippets
  • Video voicemails
  • Holiday’s Dates Cards
  • Annual Showreel
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Webinars
  • Events Videos
  • Product review videos
  • Press Releases
  • New Product Launch Videos
  • Company Policy Videos

Connect your business to the power of video. Talk to Pikwhip and create the video that will answer your customers’ needs at the right time and in the most effective way.


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