What’s a corporate video?

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Did you have any idea that with video production a company is 53 times more likely to appear in Google searches? And that in about 3 years 90% of the content on the internet will be in that format? If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a minute of video millions of them, imagine what this technology can do for your brand.


Companies have at their disposal all kind of videos that can help them drive their business, such as corporate videos, which we'll talk about next.


Corporate video is one of the best tools for companies to tell their story, explain their services and present other relevant information about themselves to their audience. This type of video has to be able to convey all the identity of the company and needs to grab the attention of who’s watching. A corporate video is, therefore, an amazing way of spreading a message and building credibility.


In a short amount of time, no longer than 2 minutes so that the viewers attention is not lost, corporate videos should be able to clearly explain your audience everything they need to know about a report without having to read every page, about a website without having to click on all the links and about a company without having to know all the employees and products. In this kind of videos it’s crucial that the company's vision, values, and mission are reflected.


In short, corporate videos are created with four main objectives in mind:


  • Increase the perceived value of the company;
  • Conquer new customers;
  • Optimize web strategy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Involve the internal public.


In general, corporate videos are not advertising, that is, they do not specifically advertise a product, service or campaign. Corporate video brings great benefits, such as better sales results, but in a much less direct way than a commercial video, for example. When well-crafted, videos become memorable and bring lasting results to the brand. Therefore, the following elements should be carefully considered:


  • Create a plan and set a goal;
  • Focus only on a single message;
  • Tell a story to engage the viewer;
  • Choose the right music for your video;
  • Ask professionals to help ensure the credibility of the video;
  • Set visualization goals, but do not try to make a viral video;
  • Note the length of the video;
  • Review the results and use Call-to-Action (CTA).


The creation of a corporate video is a complex process with high responsibility, so in order to get a result that is not amateur and doesn’t show lack of professionalism, you should always rely on the help of professionals in the field of video.


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