9 corporate videos advantages

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The institutional or corporate video has received an increasing attention and investment by companies, with this trend being transversal to companies of all sizes. A corporate video provides all the necessary information to your consumer and is, therefore, an excellent way of communicating with businesses. Get to know the top 9 benefits that this type of video can bring to your brand.


1 - Video makes your brand stand out

Institutional videos make your brand stand out from the competition. Enjoy to show by is that your company stands out among competitors by focusing on its strengths and its factors of differentiation. An interesting approach is to also value the human side of it, presenting the work environment and the people who are part of the company.


2 - Video gives your company a "face"

We all prefer to do business with whom we already know and trust. Video, unlike text, can convey that security and confidence that people look for when searching for products and services.


3 - Videos are able to illustrate complex ideas in a simpler and clearer way

Video is the most appropriate solution when it is necessary to explain very complex and difficult to understand information since it is able to convey content clearly and simply.


4 - Video has more chances of becoming viral

In this age where social networks dominate communication, if you have a video about a product or relevant information, people will share it with their friends, who will consequently share with more friends, creating a very favorable word-of-mouth for your brand.


5 - Corporate videos are more easily "accepted" than text

In the rush of everyday life, people prefer to consume video content than read a long text about a product or company. A proof of this is the success of Youtube and the sharing of videos on social networks. Videos have about 50% more persuasion power than still images or texts.


6 - Video gives you a prominent position on Facebook

If you check your Facebook news feed you can see that videos play automatically. This means that if you use the video to get your message across, you're more likely to impact more of your audience and reach them more effectively.


7 - Video has the ability to thrill

Video content is a powerful tool when it comes to conveying emotions. With images and sounds, your message has the potential to be absorbed more effectively by your target audience.


8 - Video enhances SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google has an algorithm that analyzes a mix of content, as well as the amount of time spent on a page. Websites with corporate videos are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google searches and typically have 41% higher click-through rates.


9 - Video is versatile

Video can be created on a wide variety of language because of its format, and depending on your purpose, it is possible to adopt a more informal, fun, more inspiring or even more didactic communication. Basically, there are no limits when it comes to creating and innovating!


If your goal is to differentiate your company through a corporate video and generate a deeper involvement with your audience then you have found the ideal partner. Contact us and our creative team will be happy to help you determine the best strategy and produce the video content your business needs, to overcome any obstacles that may arise.


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