How can you promote your business through video?

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In today's crowded market, it has become critical for businesses to use the technology available to boost their business and reach consumers. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is, undoubtedly, through video marketing. Video is one of the most consumed media and we can observe the increase of its consumption, for example, through social networks. In this sense, this feature brings great results to companies: video conveys information more dynamically and enthusiastically than reading, increases customer engagement, increases time spent on a website, and helps convert sales. Used cleverly and with a solid purpose, video can turn your site into a dynamic and interactive site, which will make your visitors return.


The Power of Video


Several data corroborate the idea that videos are a trend in digital marketing, for example:


  • In 2019, videos will account for 80% of internet traffic (Cisco);
  • Video promotion is 6 times more effective than email marketing;
  • Internet users watch, on average, 186 videos per month;
  • 60% of page visitors watch the video before they read the text and continue to navigate the website for an average of 2 minutes more than on non-video pages;
  • Videos account for 50% of all mobile traffic;
  • More than 1 billion videos are viewed daily on Facebook;
  • 100 million videos are viewed daily on Youtube;
  • 22% of executives prefer watching videos than reading texts when they search for content about their business;
  • Videos are 43% more likely to convert than text and images;
  • 52% of consumers say product videos help them make a buying decision.


Strategies to take advantage of video in your business


1. Abuse of social networks

Social networks are the most natural way for anyone who wants to use videos in their digital strategy. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, YouTube is a platform with even greater potential to engage customers. This is due to the fact that it is a tool specifically aimed at publication, sharing and consumption of video and to be the second largest search engine of the whole web, being surpassed only by Google.


2. Humor is a good alternative

Some factors encourage video sharing such as trivia, bizarre stories, useful information, and humor. The last one is much more decisive for video sharing than all other types of video content, and there are excellent ways to explore humor when talking about your product or service, captivating the audience and attracting new consumers. But beware, beware of controversial themes and the image of your brand. Avoid ridiculing yourself or being criticized for undermining your image both online and offline.


3. Set your goal

Writing the script is a key step in creating a video. Through the script, you can put the essential points of the story that your video will tell you, such as the style of the product and how your message will reach the right people.


4. The first 5 seconds are crucial

Content in video form works just like a text structure: if you do not have a good title and a good intro, the reader will not read through. The first 5 seconds correspond to the "title" and therefore it is very important to create impact from that moment on.


5. The video should be short and concise

Long and redundant videos make the audience discard the message. The ideal length for a video should be between 3 to 5 minutes if your goal is to effectively promote or inform.


6. Invest in distribution

Do not forget to promote your video, both organically, by spreading it on your social networks and by working SEO, and paid, by using ads.


7. Use calls-to-action at the end

If your audience has reached the end of the video, it means they have an interest in that content. It is at this moment that you should try to convert that Internet user through calls-to-action.


8. Review your audience's profile before producing a video

Know who your video’s audience is. Do a research to understand who these people are, where they are, what they like most on the internet, and what language they prefer.


Video is the future of online communication and the most effective way to quickly expand your business. Does your business include video in its marketing strategy? Benefit from the help of a team to promote your business through video.


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