10 reasons why you shouldn’t do your own video

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Creating videos is not just a fad or a big trend, today video integrates all the best marketing strategies of the market. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Stories, Snapchat, humor videos, fitness videos, video flyers... video is undoubtedly everywhere. It’s possible to create a video with nothing but a smart phone’s camera and a simple software like iMovie or Movie Maker, it’s not even necessary to hire a specialized team to create a professional video. But is it really that simple? In this article, you will realize why creating your own video is the best way to... lose money.


Creating a video is one of the best investments you can make for your business. However, its success and cost depend on several factors, namely talent, time and tools. The final result will be proportional to the production team talent and the quality of the tools used (both software and hardware). To try to avoid some costs you may feel tempted to turn to a friend who "knows a thing or two about filming" or to a bunch of do-it-yourself methods. In this way, you can get initial savings but you will have to spend a great amount of time to eventually achieve a minimally professional result. If your time is valuable and limited, investing it in a project that may fail may raise many questions.


Just like in many other areas, creating a professional video is not just a result of good equipment and software. It is the result of years of work and application of knowledge, of experimentation and error, of an ability to see beyond the obvious, from a human experience that allows developing that professional look. I can read the greatest painting books, but this does not make me a quality painter nor does my paintings worthy of public’s appreciation.


Get to know some aspects by which, creating a video all by yourself, means, in most cases, losing money:


1. Editing

Editing is one of the key aspects that affect the final result of a video. It is not enough to know the technical procedures to edit a video or to know some tools of an editing software, such as Movie Maker. Video editing is a demanding job in both technical and creative terms. Editing can turn a video into a truly special experience or ruin it completely.


2. Inexperience equals inefficiency

There are ways to mitigate the lack of experience and one of them is to invest time. As we have already mentioned, investing time is investing money. A specialized team has acquired experience through other projects, allowing them to know what worked on other occasions with different types of public. This comparative advantage is very hard for an inexperienced producer to get. If we were facing mathematical problems, 2 plus 2 would always equal 4, but in creative areas, that’s not so linear and that's why experience is such an important aspect of video production.


3. Another look

Our perception can be distorted by several factors. You have a lot of knowledge about your company and have your personal preferences, this means that your perception is shaped. Your tastes and ideas are already crystallized and this makes it difficult to put yourself in the perspective of your client, or of a prospect who knows nothing about your company. That's why a cooler look by a specialized video team is the ideal way to create a video that should inspire, not you, but your customers, because those are the ones you want to reach to.


4. Time

Yes, yet once again we talk about the time that you’ll need to invest to produce a video. When you decided to start your business, did you plan on building your headquarters building or your store with your own hands? Why not? The same thought is true for video. Any online basic course of sound and image editing requires dozens of hours of technical exposure and hands-on activities and, after that, you will only reach a basic level of knowledge. It is not possible to skip steps of the learning curve, just as it is not possible to create a video without quality and still achieve good results.


5. Expectations

It all depends on expectations. But on whose expectations? Yours and your potential customers. Complex? It’s not that much, see:

  • Your purpose is to benefit from video's potential because studies have proved its effectiveness.
  • Your return expectations will or will not be exceeded depending on viewers response.
  • If your video is not attractive enough and defrauds the expectations of your customers then yours will too.
  • If your video is effective and can match or even exceed the expectations of your customers then yours will too.


If it was enough to do a video to have as many clients as you like, all companies would produce theirs. Creating a video cannot be seen as a shortcut for boosting sales. It must be thought as a strategically prepared step in order to achieve previously determined objectives. If you don’t think about video strategically, you'll need a giant budget to promote it. Value your time and your investment by talking to us. By the way, once your video is complete, have you thought about how is it going to reach your potential customers?


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