What is sound design?

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Through a quick dictionary consultation, we were able to define sound design as "sound effects used in cinema, radio, and television, in order to enrich the program by giving it more realism and liveliness". "Sono" (sound) plus "plastia" (molded) results in a set of sounds, such as songs, ambient sounds and noises, and the way they combine and shape into a composition.


Sound design is the process of recording, obtaining, manipulating and creating audio elements. This technique is a key part of areas such as cinema, television, theater, live shows, sound art, post-production and video game development. Usually, sound design uses previously recorded sound and music, but, in some cases, it can be created artificially to obtain a certain effect or environment. So a sound artist needs to develop a lot of in-depth techniques of recording, mixing and special effects in order to create unique and interesting sounds.


When you watch a movie, do you think of how many specialists have to be at the recording location of the scene to capture every movement and sound, from the beat of a horse's hooves to its breath, to the sound of the leaves of the trees? You never thought about this? No need, the truth is that most of the sounds are added later. Now, look at this example of how the sound design of some of Hollywood's great productions was done.



In sound design, music and sound elements are decisive for the construction of the image that is formed in the mind of the listener. It is one of those cases in which it is easy not to pay attention when it is well done but automatically identified when it is not present or has poor quality. One of the most obvious aspects of this area is the music, notice the following video and see how the simple change of music changes the scene in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean":



Sound is one of the most determining aspects of a video. Don’t believe me? Try watching the next video without sound and then try turning on the sound and closing your eyes.



Now imagine that you are watching a movie with poor visual quality but that the sound is perfect and then imagine the opposite experience. Which one of the movies do you think you will give up watching first?


Most sounds captured in the creation of a video are summarized by the actors' voices, because this needs to be as perfect as possible and can not be added later - except in the case of narrations, that also deserve special attention, but we invite you to read this other article about this subject. So it is not possible to do the same for each and every one of the other sounds in the video. Moreover, being able to replicate a sound composition or an entire environment is a titanic task if it is not done through the sound design.


In the video that follows, you will be able to see how it was made the sound design of the film Fight Club and even of the Star Wars saga.



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