Take-away and home delivery services promoted with short animations


To create a set of animated videos that promote take-away and home delivery services.



At a time when Dona Maria Pregaria restaurants were closed, due to the State of Emergency related to COVID-19 and the current pandemic situation, when people were forced to confinement, it was necessary to reinforce the communication of the take-away and home delivery services.



To promote the take-away and home delivery services of Dona Maria Pregaria on social networks through a set of short 2D videos.

As it is a content for the social networks, it should be short and direct, in order to quickly grab the attention of the audience and get the message out in a short time. The absence of any kind of sound is purposeful, since on social networks most videos are watched with the sound turned off.

One of the main challenges was to convey the message in a serious way, without losing the brand identity, flat, funny and rustic.

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Costumer: Dona Maria Pregaria

Format: Full HD

Time: 13”

Version: Portuguese

Illustration: Pikwhip

Animation: Pikwhip

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