Global Youth Trading: explanatory video teaches how to invest in Forex


To create an explanatory video, with a strong promotional aspect, to show the services of Global Youth Trading and show how you can invest in Forex, in an exclusively online process. In order to communicate to the Brazilian market, the chosen voice-over is in Brazilian Portuguese. 



Global Youth Trading helps anyone who is interested in supplementing or replacing their income through Forex – foreign exchange. This company teaches you about the best time to make the exchange, while waiting for changings in currency prices, making a profit during the transaction. In order for this process to be better understood, the need arose to create an explanatory video that showed, in a simplified way, that, with the necessary knowledge, it is possible to make money with the exchange process. 



To create an explanatory video with a strong promotional aspect to illustrate, through a simple example, how to invest in Forex.

Graphically we choose outline and textured illustrations, in order to create greater depth and visual density. In the color pallet, we find vivid and contrasting colors, chosen in order to reach a younger audience and visually capture their attention.  

We also inserted some three-dimensional elements to create more organic and energetic animations.

The voice-over, in Brazilian Portuguese is due to the fact that the entire video was designed for the Brazilian market.

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Costumer: Global Youth Trading

Format: Full HD

Time: 1

Version: Portuguese Brazilian 

Illustration: Pikwhip

Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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