MidGap European Project: Whiteboard Animation


In order to explain MindGAP, an international project supported by the European Commission and coordinated by the University of Coimbra, we created a whiteboard animation about the advantages and goals of this program, that intends to fill the gap between body/mind interactions and also develop a portable device capable of monitoring the biomolecules involved in them.

The video was developed through a natural and firm trace, representing the organicity of the human body. The animation aims to guide the viewer through a narrative line that exposes the reason why cancer appears and MindGAP's contribution to inhibit its proliferation through meditation.

The colorful notes give vivacity and expressiveness to the animation, as well as the inclusion of a more textured background instead of the typical white background, which gives it more personality.


Client: Universidade de Coimbra |  Format: Full HD | Duration: 1.47'' | Version: English | Illustration, Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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