Skoiy OTT: 3D promotional spots


Create a set of promotional videos, short and dynamic, to present the Skoiy OTT platform and show its added value, namely the fact that is works on several devices and with different types of content.



O Skoiy é uma plataforma de gestão, distribuição e monitorização de conteúdos online, sendo a base tecnológica de muitos projetos de media de tipologias distintas, desde OTTs, Portais Media, Jornais Online, Revistas, WebTVs, entre outros.



The challenge was to create a set of 3D videos, with the purpose to present Skoiy OTT and its added value.

The videos were made in two formats, vertical and horizontal, so they can be used on social networks as both posts and stories.

The option for the 3D technique is related with the aim of giving more realism, dynamism and granting greater credibility to the product.

We have recreated several different scenarios to illustrate the transversality of Skoiy OTT applications in the sports area.

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Customer: Skoiy

Format: Full HD

Version: Engilsh

Modeling, animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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