Amco Crédito: video promotes car loan signing without leaving home


To create an advertising video to promote the digital signature and explain that this new possibility allows you to sign car credit without people having to go to the physical facilities of Amco Crédito. The objective was to focus important points such as convenience and ease of process, as well as the possibility for the costumer to receive the car at home.   



In a time of Emergency of State, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and with conditioned travel, it was necessary to promote alternative ways for Amco Crédito costumers to continue to have the opportunity to sign their credit agreements even without leaving home.



To create an advertising video to promote the car loan signing solution without leaving your home. The key word to communicate was Digital Signature, part of which was given greater visual emphasis.

To get this message across, we chose to create a 2D animation with characters in a positive mood. We humanized every frame as much as possible, which can be seen through the illustration of the characters, with expressions of happiness, or even the family picture that appears in the living room.

Being a video to put on social media, it was important that it was as short as possible, without impairing the communication of the message. In addition to voice-over, we used written text to further reinforce the message and so that the video could be seen without sound (something very common in social networks).

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Costumer: Amco Crédito

Format: Full HD

Time: 26”

Version: Portuguese

Illustration: Pikwhip

Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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