Idux: new ways of teaching and learning


Idux is an educational project that provides individual tutoring and study support services, also offering educational animation activities during periods of interruption of classes.

The whole concept of this video for Idux has a Pikwhip signature, from storytelling and storyboard, through illustrations, to the final animation.   

To captivate parents with school-age children, it was important to humanize the characters to the fullest, to create a sense of security and confidence in relation to the brand. We colored the illustrations with vibrant and cheerful colors to more easily capture the audience’s attention.

Since the video and some illustrations were integrated into the brand’s website, we opted for the use of minimalist backgrounds, to further highlight the characters, always paying attention to applying the brand’s colors.


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Customer: Idux | Format: Full HD | Duration: 1'40'' | Version: Portuguese | Illustration: Pikwhip | Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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