MobFood: Breakfast for Millennials


MobFood is a consortium led by the Portuguese Agro-Food Cluster, financed by the European Union, which is the result of cooperation between companies and research institutions, such as Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade do Minho, Sonae, Vitacress, and Bel, among others.

With the goal of responding to the challenges related to the promotion of healthier national food industry, the Box MobFood was born, a complete, portable kit with all the necessary ingredients for a more balanced breakfast for Millennials. In a project that reflects the fusion between industry and science, efforts are joined to fight food imbalance.

With Millennials as our target audience, we used a graphic language inspired by the visual universe of this generation. We used 2D and drew young and relaxed characters - with the purpose of showing that healthy eating is a serious topic but can be approached in a "light" way.

A chromatic palette was applied with cool tones, associated with technology and scientific research, complemented by warm colors to balance and give harmony to the project.


Client: Brandit | Format: Full HD | Duration: 1.26'' | Version: Portuguese | Illustration, Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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