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About Us
Turning Business Stories Into Visual Experiences
In today’s competitive world, businesses need to adapt and learn how to maintain their audience’s attention without overloading them with information. Most customers today have a lack of attention, and it’s your responsibility to learn how you can keep the interest in your products and services.
At Pikwhip, we’ve made it our objective to help businesses tell an irresistible story about their products and services, giving them a visual platform that will pay off.

More than 150 marketing and e-learning videos under our belt, for global clients from New Zealand to Ireland.

Over the years, we’ve managed to assemble a team of the industry’s most talented video professionals.
We choose creative minds, visionaries, and those who are capable of bringing your most ambitious video projects to life. Our video solutions are tailor-made to each business’s needs. We study your brand and highlight the most important and distinct features that can make your videos stand out.
We understand that as a decision-maker of any business, you want to work with those who get it. Anyone can create high-quality videos, however, not anyone can capture what makes your brand unique and clearly demonstrate it in video.
We create videos from the essence of your business. We make you a reference point in your area of expertise. Our videos will always meet your goals.
Choose Pikwhip. Choose the best in the business.
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