AGE: Repairing car glass has never been so easy.


Automotive Glass Europe has teamed up with car glass repair and replacement companies to make the whole process quick and easy. To promote the services provided by the brand, we used an isometric perspective, which gave a more technical touch to the video. 

To add more dynamism and versatility to the video, we chose to model and animate a 3D environment, which also gave it a more modern and contemporary look. Without forgetting the visual identity already used by AGE, we kept the chromatic palette and developed all the illustrations based on the brand's colors.  

Regarding the voiceover, and being the brand global, a native voiceover in English was chosen, but with a neutral pronunciation, to reinforce this idea of globality and to be close to all partners from different countries. 


Client: AGE | Format: Full HD | Duration: 49'' | Version: English | Storyboard, Illustration, animation and sound design:Pikwhip

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