Lisbon’s city hall budget: explainer video

Briefing: Produce a film to present the Lisbon City Council budget.


Context: The goal was to explain in a simple, concise and intuitive way all the aspects of the Lisbon City Council budget.


Solution: For the production of this video, we've created a flat animation with outline illustrations and used a palette that combines pastel colors with warm colors. These choices aimed to mirror Lisbon's personality, revealing a young and vibrant mood. The illustrations we've created were inspired by iconic elements of Lisbon, which helped to increase the engagement with the audience. We've chosen an institutional mood in the sound design and the voice-over, and we've used two distinct voices to give greater dynamism to the video.



Client: Brandit Next

Typology: Motion Graphics

Resolution: Full HD

Duration: 4’56’’

Version: Portuguese

Illustration: Ulahlah

Animation and sound design: Pikwhip 


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