Cisco Meraki Managed Services by ITCenter - promotional video


Have you met Olivia? It’s normal, we haven’t talked about her yet. Olivia is the main character created to help us introduce Cisco Meraki Managed Services by ITCenter.

This service is an asset for a variety of businesses. But without Olivia and the storytelling we created around her, it would be more difficult to present the advantages of this equipment and service. To simplify the explanation, we created  storytelling inspired by a real scenario and whose story portrays a common problem for which Cisco Meraki Managed Services by ITCenter is the solution.

The whole concept was created by Pikwhip, from storytelling, illustration, animation, sound design to art direction.

The outline-style illustration fits in with the language already used by the brand and helps to convey the message clearly.


Do you have a product or service that can make everyday business easier, but you’re not sure how to present it? Our team can help you.   

Schedule a meeting with us and together, starting from good storytelling, we can tell your story.


Customer: ITCenter | Format: full HD | Duration: 1' 25'' | Version: English | Storyboard and Illustration: Pikwhip | Concept, screenplay, 2D animation & sound design: Pikwhip

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