“Donuts mini Óscares”: advertising spot

Briefing: Create an advertising spot in motion graphics for the contest "Donuts Mini Óscares".


Context: Donuts Portugal goal was to promote their Oscars theme contest, explaining the necessary steps for participation. The video was the format chosen to make this communication.


Solution: From the illustrations provided by Opal Advertising, we've created a video with a cartoon style explaining the contest. The main character movements and the chosen color palette (warm and vibrant colors) help to maintain the aesthetics in harmony with Donuts Mini's communication. We've enhanced the visual part with equally fun sound design and voice-over in order to make the spot even more appealing.



Customer: Opal Publicidade | Typology: Motion Graphics | Resolution: Full HD | Duration: 0’28’’ | Version: Portuguese  Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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