Portuguese Paralympic Committee: Gala´s motion graphics


To enhance the III Gala of the Portuguese Paralympic Committee (CPP), we created the entire visual concept and respective animations for various moments of the event.

The set of graphics designed had as its main piece the opening video of the gala.

With a premium and glamorous look and feel, we chose golden shades over dark backgrounds, giving the project a noble and grandiose stamp. In the five corners of CPP's identity, we represented the various sports present at the gala, and the culmination and motto of the whole visual narrative was the 2021 trophy.

Through the dynamism of 3D animation and a powerful sound narrative, we made the opening of the gala a striking moment. The remaining audiovisual pieces, such as the oracles and separators, contributed to making the whole event more cohesive, dynamic, and impactful.


Client: Comité Paralímpico de Portugal | Format: Full HD | Duration: 58'' | Version: inglês | 3D, Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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