Mamoa: the video that praises the art of creating pieces of furniture


The inspiration for the pieces of furniture created by Mamoa is the combination of ideas by new designers with the timeless wisdom of local artisans. To highlight this harmonious combination, we created a conceptual video with an unusual sound narrative, which is based on the real sounds of the production of the pieces combined with classical music that we completed with a raw, documentary visual aesthetic that highlights the duality between the beauty of the process – traditional – and the beauty of the piece – luxurious.

The graphics merge with the images and their movement, making the video more metaphorical, which results in a striking visual narrative. The different phases of the artisanal production of furniture pieces are the main focus of this video. The craftsman and the manual work that he develops are placed in great prominence, conveying the excellence, refinement and the superior quality that characterize the brand’s pieces.

Immerse yourself in this poetic journey and discover the beauty of all of the details of creating unique pieces of furniture.


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Customer: Mamoa | Format: Full HD | Version: Portuguese | Graphics: Pikwhip | Sound design: Pikwhip

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