Mega: how the Mega Referral Program rewards system works


To create an explanatory video to show how the Mega Referral Program rewards system works.



After almost a decade of building the safest cloud storage platform, Mega now presents the Mega Referral Program. This rewards system allows those who refer a user to Mega to earn 20% for each purchase made by that user.

The company is based in New Zeeland and was launched in 2013, having been considered the fastest growing startup of all times.  



The premise was to make a dynamic video, that presented and explained how the Mega Referral Program works. In a large part of the video we created animations that simulate a screen caption of the platform, giving the video a User Interface look, to help the users understand, as realistically as possible, how the platform works.

The main difficulty during the production of this video was to convey the message dynamically, without losing clarity.

Two versions were made, one in English and other in Spanish, the latter to communicate more closely with its South American costumers.  

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Costumer: Mega

Format: Full HD

Time: 1’49''

Version: English and Spanish

Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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