Mega: End-to-end encryption

Briefing: Create an explainer video for Mega's encryption service.


Context: Mega is a cloud storage company that offers a file hosting service. The company is headquartered in New Zealand and was launched in 2013, having been considered the fastest growing startup of all time. Mega wanted to explain the differentiating advantages of its encryption service in a simplified way so that anyone could understand its main message.


Solution: For this project, we’ve decided to highlight Mega’s slogan - "the privacy company". We’ve built the storytelling of the video based on this cornerstone, and the characters created have a professional activity that requires a lot of care about information security - they are lawyers. During the narrative, it's possible to understand that the character who chooses Mega's encryption service ensures the protection of his data in a much more effective way than those that use other systems. The video maintains a visual coherence with the whole brand and uses audiovisual resources that enrich the narrative and that helps to explain, in a simpler way, both perspectives: the perspective of Mega's encryption users and the perspective of people that still don't use Mega's service. The message is narrated by an American voice talent, once that the company operates internationally and American English is the most common and the most adequate for communicating with a global audience.




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Customer: Mega | Resolution: Full HD | Version: English | Illustration: U Lah Lah Design Studio  Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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