Neadvance: presentation video

Briefing: Create Neadvance’s presentation video.


Context: Neadvance is a multinational company, headquartered in Braga, which develops systems for computer vision and artificial intelligence. We’ve accepted the challenge of the creative agency PI, responsible for Neadvance’s communication, to create a motion graphics video that presented Neadvance's technological universe.


Solution: Based on Neadvance's need (to visually explain a series of solutions that the company offers), a three-dimensional animation with an isometric style was created, giving the final product a technical, industrial and modern look. The use of a dark background in shades of blue has reinforced Neadvance's connection to the world of technology, once blue is a color often associated with technology.  On the other hand, pastel colors used have created a visual harmony. In the background, it was added a grid, simulating a millimetric paper, to reinforce the technical vision of Neadvance's systems.



Customer: PI Creative Studio

Typology: Motion Graphics

Resolution: Full HD

Duration: 2'13 ''

Version: English

Illustration: Ulahlah

Animation and sound design: Pinkwhip 

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