Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa: video marks 522 years of history


Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa has got 522 years of history, celebrated online with this commemorative video.

We were challenged to give life to a story that portrayed, in a few seconds, the more than 5 centuries of SCML. We have created a visual narrative that features a character who crosses various age groups and who is accompanied by Santa Casa all throughout life.

The illustrations, both in the characters and in the environments, live in great detail, obtained through shadows, glows, and an assertive line that gives them depth and volume and, consequently, greater realism.   


To envelop the entire visual narrative, we chose a feminine voice, captivating and with great positive energy. Throughout the video it is possible to see vivid colors and a dynamic animation, which emphasizes its celebratory purpose of animation and captivates the audience. 


Customer: Santa Casa da Misericórida de Lisboa | Format: Full HD | Duration: 45'' | Version: Portuguese

Storyboard and Illustration: Pikwhip | Animation & sound design: Pikwhip

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