Secil: the two ways of ordering concrete


“Ordering concrete does not have to be a headache”, from this motto we set out to present the advantages of the Unibetão Logistics Center.

To better highlight the ease of ordering concrete through the Unibetão portal, we created two characters: Mr. José and Mr. Manuel. Both place an order for concrete, one in a simple way – Mr. Manuel – and the other in a complicated way – Mr. José. Each character is associated with a contrasting background color, depending on the action of each one: to the simple way of ordering concrete, we associated a warm color and to the complicated way a cold one.

The video presents the entire journey of the concrete purchase process, accompanied by storytelling that guides us from the first order call to the day the concrete is received.  

However, the need to explain such a process in detail with two situations being compared brought the challenge of capturing the viewer’s attention. Thus, we created a captivating illustration, which did not distract the viewer’s attention from the story that’s being told, and we focused on giving more detail to the main elements and making the background elements more minimalist.


Customer: Secil | Format: Full HD | Duration: 4' | Version: Portuguese | Illustration: Pikwhip | Animation and sound design: Pikwhip

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